Thomas McNamara

Rough-mannered Handyman


Thomas (“Tommy” among his family and friends) is a large man – 6’2" and well past 200 pounds. For all that, he is quiet and not particularly memorable. His wavy auburn hair is cut short and usually hidden beneath his workman’s cap, and his eyes are a medium brown. He favors simple, practical clothes, generally wearing a weathered shirt and denim overalls with various tools and keys in the pockets.

As handymen go, he is not particularly sharp, but he knows his trade and is a hard worker. In a fight, he prefers to get up-close and personal, where his only really significant asset (his brawn) can be used to best advantage.


Thomas was a mild-mannered handyman working at Miskatonic University, until one fateful evening. After being told to meet the eccentric Dr. Cross at his office and subsequently witnessing an explosion, being introduced to a series of increasingly unstable people, and being attacked by flesh-eating monsters, Thomas remains a mild-mannered handyman. He is frequently forced to remind others of this whenever it is suggested that he read mind-warping tomes, test himself for magic, speculate as to the fates of long-dead exotic cultures, or discuss the prophetic potential of dreams.

He had better be getting paid overtime for this, he would say, if such a thing as overtime pay were in his (admittedly limited) vocabulary.

Thomas McNamara

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