Dr. Reginald Coxcomb V

Professor of Anthropology at Miskatonic University and Would-Be Explorer


Dr. Coxcomb is in decent shape for a man in his late 40s. He is of average height and weight and is largely unassuming. The doctor is also most indisputably British, the sort of man you can just tell by looking at him. He has a full, neatly trimmed beard, though his hair is starting to grey.

He wears a tailored brown tweed suit (complete with elbow patches) with a bow tie and often wears a bucket hat that he refers to as his ‘Adventuring Hat’. A Colt M1911 is tucked away in a shoulder holster underneath his jacket more-often-than-not. One can never be too careful in his line of work, after all.

The doctor also smokes a pipe and carries an umbrella cane.


Reginald Coxcomb was raised in Gloustershire, England, born to wealthy parents of the landed gentry. His childhood was largely uneventful; it was an easy life and he was well-liked by most. Reginald studied at the family estate with a private tutor, later going on to study at Oxford where he eventually became a professor of anthropology at the age of 29. He taught there for a few years until a certain…misunderstanding…with his family caused him to become disinherited. Disgraced and desiring a change of scenery, the professor crossed the pond, finding a post at Miskatonic University where he has taught for the past 16 years.

Dr. Coxcomb has a professional relationship with Dr. Thaddeus Cross, Dean of Humanities, though the two men prefer to keep to themselves. Lately, Dr. Coxcomb has been swept up by the Egyptian craze with the discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb. In the past few years, he has taken a handful of leaves from his teaching duties to travel, finding himself a rival along the way. A chance meeting in the wilds of the Dark Continent with one Rutherford Von Ward is something he will not soon forget.

While by no means a misanthrope, Dr. Coxbcomb does tend to prefer the company of his books…and his cats, Ubasti and Ishara. He attends faculty parties from time to time to keep up appearances, but his real passion lies with his studies. He is also an avid collector of ancient relics and weaponry.

A self-professed atheist (agnostic), Dr. Coxcomb is an unusual, but amiable man, who spends the time away from his books in his flower garden. He also has terrible fear of spiders. Dr. Coxcomb also does not drink tea, which is incredibly peculiar for a man of English birth.

Dr. Reginald Coxcomb V

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